Currently Reading: Claire McGowan’s The Silent Dead

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I am absolutely in love with the way Claire has her stories broken up, so that my mind moves through scenes easily. The characters are relatable from the very beginning, at least for me. The nuances of returning to a a home you left purposefully; a home where people have prejudices and assume many things of the people that live there or have lived there?  That alone had me interested, but then the cases of missing people, the history of the characters that the author feeds you only when necessary, and the interpersonal relationships began building an even deeper interest for me.
I’m over half through The Silent Dead (Book 3 of the Paula Maguire set) and I cannot put it down. I would definitely recomend this author and this series in particular.  

The Lost, The Dead Ground, The Silent Dead… and I will continue!

BY THE WAY: I was fortunate enough to have gotten the first book in her series following forensic psychologist Paula Maguire through Chirp – a free app that sells audiobooks. Hearing the book read with the accents that would be present? That has to lead to me letting my internal voice continue those accents while I continue the series. It’s no longer on sale via Chirp, but if you want to try and find the book you can check here for availability.


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