Cruel Summer

I wanted to take some time off and in doing so, I got caught up in more trouble than I imagined! And I suppose trouble can be both good and bad. I have had to shift some habits and also shift some ways of thinking. For someone like me, this can be difficult. ButI am hoping to get things back on track, soon. I will be posting the next portion of the Walking the Blade prequel here this week. Time got away from me and I still have some editing to accomplish!

The first book in the Walking the Blade Series is with Beta Readers right now and I will be using their suggestions to make revisions before then sending it to the editor. Still trying to decide if querying for the right agent/publisher is best over simply publishing the book myself.

In the meantime, summer in NC is crazy hot – but at least not as humid as it could be in Alabama. We are still trying our best to support out Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ causes, only in a distanced manner or with a lovely mask! Free Mom Hugs has to give socially distanced hugs, after all! The local businesses who have adapted to this are thriving, the ones who didn’t try to adapt? Well, there will be a lot of property for lease.

Why, yes! That is a “Bender – Grunge Pikachu”
Want one or any number of wild comic and anime characters on pins or decals?
CLICK THE IMAGE! – SHOUT-OUT to The Crafting Ninja

My girls and I (and last week my hubs and I) have decided to try and make a beach day-trip once per month. We can’t go on larger vacations and we don’t really want to stay in a hotel room, so this is our new thing. We wear masks where applicable and socially distance from others. Our social circle is not in contact with anyone that might be accidentally spreading it. My kids have jobs, but they come home, sanitize and clean themselves and we don’t get overly close. So we’re okay to travel together and we enjoy these little mini-vacays.

The garden overdid it…

Anybody up for some zuchinni bread???

I started watching Cobra Kai from YouTube not long ago, and if you can make it past all of the NON-COMMUNICATION POSTURING that these two guys do, and enjoy it for showing growth in a character and imperfections in characters – you might like it. Karate Kid was a big deal in my grammar school years and like anything, it hasn’t aged well in many people’s eyes. But for it’s time, it was something enjoyed by many. Here’s a cover of an original from back in the day that they placed at the cliffhanger to Season 2. Next time I watch, it’ll be on Netflix along with the latest season of Lucifer. Woohoo!

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