Katherine’s Plans

Walking the Blade will be a series of urban fantasy novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share … Read More

What To Do…?

Given a week to tie up loose ends before becoming a permanent fixture at the Kennedy Estate, Senias comes back to the lair to face Sebastian.

A Full Tour

Senias begins learning more about the family he is indentured to… including things about their evil side.

Meeting the Family

Senias meets the family he is now to serve, and not all of them are evil…some are even innocent.

My Dragon!

Sebastian reacts to realizing the situation his lover has found himself in.

Found By Your Masters

The effects of an ancient binding spell have finally taken the dragon Senias away from his loved ones to the holder of his supernatural bond.

Dragon Play

A playful scene showing the life of the group of supernaturals in the North Americas…

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