Hello everyone and thank you for hanging out!

I have news! I will be traveling this week – weekend with the hubs to Helen, GA where we will enjoy hiking, Oktoberfest, beer, photography, good food, beer, nature, and sis I mention beer? I will be over-sharing on Instagram and Twitter, per my usual. Once I get back it will be garage sale prep week! I need to get rid of stuff! The hubs and I want to sell the house and get something smaller (with less maintenance). Soon!

For those reading Walking the Blade, thank you for taking time to give it a try, commenting, and sharing. The posts that I have placed on this website will be edited and will become a 4 book series plus a continuing webseries beyond that! I have to clean posts off of the website once we come to the close of a particular adventure with our supernatural characters. But there will be more added. For those who have not kept up with the characters and the past, I plan on adding a short synopsis of what has come up til this point after I get back from my trip. So… hang in there! That will be available and then the books will begin coming – hopefully!

I have a blog that is actually being posted to on MEDIUM now! Check it out! Hopefully you won’t find my opinions too incredibly boring…

I have been accepted by Patreon and will be setting up a tier system for those who are willing to support me and my writing!  I will be sharing prequel chapters concerning our favorite WTB characters. I will be adding snippets that don’t make it into the novels – all writing, not just WTB. I will be sharing NSFW scenes that might not be published in books (that’s still an iffy situation… because who doesn’t like good smut, am I right?).  I will also answer questions from patrons – I’m an open person. My goal is also to get back to recording the writing process I go through while editing/ rewriting. I can release exclusive content there and at some point might even be able to share some goodies.

I have a Twitch account that I have been slacking on (used for gaming mostly, but I’ve not had a lot of time for that). If you have a chance, pop by. I host people on it and like I said, I may be adding writing videos – PUBSQUIRREL

I think that’s all for the updating right now.

Remember, if you want anything promoted, let me know, I do that kind of thing on the FB, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. If I find your services or art to be something I really, really like, I will even spotlight you on the website. And don’t be afraid to share me with all of your friends – or share my website… and stuffs… sorry, didn’t mean to weird you out…



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