Busy First Quarter

I had every intention of having so much more done by now. So, it turns out, I went on a downward spiral, precipitated ot only by the pandemic and quarantine, but also by the political and social horrors seen in this country. I was aware of them, I spoke out against them and have been to protests as well. However, in December and now even into the new year, we are seeing the results of such horrible divisions and the intentional dumbing-down of America. This has been a long time in coming. I hope everyone stays safe and aware, now that your eyes are opening to comprehend that a full half of all voting Americans willingly believe anything a demagogue will tell them. They will even support trying to make a coup on our government. They are among us. You never know when you or your friends and family might end up as the next story to go viral simply because of having an opinion or… being non-white. This is the definition of terrorism.

Not only that, but some of these yahoos – even though they claim to be Christian (not having very Christ-like behavior aside) were also sporting pagan symbols! NO. My symbols belong to me and mean something deep and spiritual. They are not to be used to terrorize people. The KKK didn’t get to keep the Christian Cross as theirs after burning it and using it to terrorize people of color. It was taken back. We heathens of all sorts cannot let these horrible people subvert our spiritual symbold, either. Take them back.

Do no harm, but take no shit!

Because of all of this and because of everything else happening near the end of the year, I have fallen behind in all of my pursuits. I had to get a medication change and I am hoping things will work out and the fog will lift soon on that front. My mental health has taken a crash along with my physical health (and I believe many people in the world are experiencing this as well). Therefore, I really hope you find it in your heart to be patient as posting might slow a bit.

What I AM working on…

I am working first and foremost on getting articles ready for two new websites. One is about music – it is both nonfiction/informative. I’ll be teaching you about the various jobs within the industry, the various musicians, the equipment they use, and the process of creation. I’ll also be explaining genre, the many types, the art of making music beyond the original performance. And most importantly, I’ll be showcasing artists that not everyone has been exposed to. I remember when I first heard some of the artists from online (YouTube, Vine r.i.p., TikTok, Twitch, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and more) and I couldn’t belive I hadn’t heard some of these people before on the radio! So, I wanted to share them with others – EDM Mixers, DJs, Vocalists, Cover Artists, A Cappella Performers, Instrumentalists, and many more will be included. We also hope to have reviews, tour dates listings, and other video accompaniment in the future.

The second website is about gardening in Urban Spaces – or limited space gardening. I’ve been doing that for a while. Since moving to a plot of land that’s nearly an acre but still in the city, I’ve been testing out raised beds and several gorwing methodologies. I’ve been reading up on it and researching. Well, turns out this is a subject a lot of people are interested in, so I’m working with the hubs on a blog website for this.

What about the other projects?

I am also planning on being done with my TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certifications in February. I have to get back on track with that. I also have the older websites that need upgrading. Yes, I will be re-writing and editing those to put them into a more reader-friendly formate that will hopefully get more attention and therefore help with funding our livlihood. Last, but definitely not least (at least not in my mind) are the novels I am editing. I have one ready for beginning editing by February, once my certification is done. It is the first in the Walking the Blade series and I want it to be as perfect as I can get it. I got great feedback from the beta-readers (all of whom are writers and editors themselves). I want to put those suggestions into motion and then query for an agent. I will query for at most 6 months, while I continue to work on websites and edit another book – before turning to self publishing.


That’s the plan of action. That’s what I hope to hold myself to this year a.k.a. my resolutions. Get better healthwise, get the certification, handle the new websites, edit the old websites, and get my book out there while then editing another one. Yeah… it’s a lot. But I’m going to get to it. And I’ll be doing it while drinking lots of coffee and spewing lots of sarcasm and wildness.

I hope you all have high hopes and that you see thrm through. This year may have begun in all the wrong ways, but we can turn it around. I have faith that the best is yet to come.


— The picture is our counter next to the coffee pot, in the kitchen. My son works at Starbucks and so he gets a mark-out of a pound of coffee every week. I also buy coffee from local roasters. In other words, we will not be without coffee anytime, soon!

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