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Walking the Blade is a series based in modern times but it calls upon mythical beings who are surviving in disguise within our world. There are Lycan of many varieties, Elementals, Doppelgangers, Demons, Elves, and even Dragons represented.  Creating the cultures of these beings and the Council of Crimson as the lawmaking and prosecuting entity that works hand-in hand with the enforcement entity known only as Crimson has been a lot of fun.  We hope to lend a voice to not only all of our characters, but also the various relationships that they have… for such things are often repressed in reality.

The goal? To addict people to Walking the Blade – for it is a series about many, many lives and adventures orbiting a single gay couple who happen to both be leading secret supernaturally laced lives. We want to share our story and their stories with you and perhaps some day be able to make money from our passion.

Consider the series as you see it here – the FIRST DRAFT.  We are asking for feedback and just really having fun with it before major editing. Once that’s been done, we’ll be promoting it for publication one way or another and the finished version will be fine tuned accordingly. 

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The Premise

 Many centuries ago, humanity discovered these permanent magical things called portals. The point is, the world was losing the energy known as magic. It’s a type of energy, don’t be fooled into overthinking. It was much like electricity. It could be manipulated to cause certain effects in the natural world. In the other world, which could be reached through these portals, magic was used everywhere and in every thing, much like electricity is used here in this world. And just like electricity helps run the impulses of the creatures of this world, magic does the same in the other world…and used to do the same with some of the creatures from this world as well.The draining of magic from this world caused many a migration from this world into the other. Hence we have recordings of mythical creatures here that no longer exist in this world. As those beings who have magical based nervous systems migrated, the portals they walked through became permanent.

It was decided that the portals were dangerous things. Easy access between the worlds could be problematic; especially considering those left in this world would be unprepared for the magic in the other. And oddly enough – those in the other world would be unprepared for the technological advances of this world. Therefore two groups were formed to keep these portals and the supernatural world secret and safely guarded. 

The portals and supernatural people are governed by a group called simply, The Council. It is made up of members representing almost each race involved in the two worlds.  Like every governing body, they must also have a group of people willing to make sure that their laws and decisions are upheld. Crimson is that law enforcement body. This group is lead by a Director and made up of agents from all walks of life. There are others tasked with situations that go beyond what a normal Crimson agent can handle – a Tasker.  They do what must be done; what they are tasked to do by the Crimson Director, by the Councilor they are assigned to, or by Council rulings.

Our main characters are a Councilor and a Tasker, who wind up learning one another’s secrets, forming a bond, and through their actions bring together an extended family of supernaturals all around them. These are their stories.  


The Council was in the middle of proving that a vampire coven long suspected of foul experimentation and slavery in this world needed to pay for their misdeeds. At the same time, that coven – Coven Eriksson – found that their prize scientific creation – Evan LaCroix – had been working with Pack Weylyn. Evan, his brother – Avery Azrael, and sister – Rebecca are all half lupine lycan and half vampire. When the unscrupulous coven investigated further, they found that the previously assumed dead Eva LaCroix (Evan’s mother) was the Alpha to Pack Weylyn. The coven tried to take her back by kidnapping, but instead took one of her sons and a family friend. This led to a long adventure through the great portals to the other world. Isabel Matthews was pushed into being a slave over the month they were in the other world. Terry was sold to Pack Simoa, the enemies of Pack Weylyn. The friends and family of Devon and Eva Weylyn rallied to help both. 

In the mean time, Evan – with the help of Councilor Sebastian Evansworth – took apart Coven Eriksson and found Evan’s long lost sister, Rebecca.  Beause Becca takes more after her vampiric nature than the others, she was taken to an ursa lycan named Cody – who was also once a slave to Coven Eriksson years prior – so that he could feed her blood.  The two grew a friendship and perhaps a love for one another while she remained with him. However, Lord Evansworth came back and took Becca away to her true family. If Cody wants her to truly be part of his life, he has to come and find her and court her by lycan law. 

Since then, both Coven Eriksson and Pack Simoa have been condemned by the Council and summarily destroyed. While helping find and free Isabel Matthews, Derek Weylyn’s half-demon mate, Mira went into labor and soon gave birth to their first born. Terry Weylyn was saved from the other side by Gabriel Kennedy, Senias of Morias (also known as Tasker Jean-Michel Raudine), Russell Weylyn, Ariessa of the Deep, and so many others.

We rejoin the story here – two months after the original kidnapping and one month after the return as celebrations are happening in both the Weylyn Packlands on this side of the portals and at Dante’s Inferno, nightclub made for supernaturals. 


Sharing this website and subscribing to it via email and / or on other social media helps us provide publishers with proof that we have a fan base and therefore makes it more likely that we can become successful in the long run. So please don’t be shy about liking posts, sharing and subscribing. Previous posts from the series are being edited to become published novels. All posts may not wind up being published to novels, but we had fun writing these characters and hope you enjoy reading about them!

Rachel D. Adams & Dawn McClellan 


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