Found By Your Masters

The effects of an ancient binding spell have finally taken the dragon Senias away from his loved ones to the holder of his supernatural bond.

Dragon Play

A playful scene showing the life of the group of supernaturals in the North Americas…

Untapped Sound

What is Untapped Sound? Well, considering how narrow the field is when it comes to music that winds up on the radio for us to listen to day in and day out, the untapped sound is the music that isn’t … Read More

REVIEW: A Map to the Stars

With A Map to the Stars, Ashley Hutchison steps away from fantasy and science fiction to let us tour the mind of Avery, a girl whose childhood innocence and trust are slowly lost to people who were supposed to take … Read More

Wanted and Unwanted – Part II

After treating his friend to aftercare she didn’t receive from a previous encounter, Jean-Michel and Mira enjoy their evening & we learn more about the twins.


I have always been a mythology person. I also love studying and learning about cultures and cultural anthropology is a favorite subject. However, I delved much more often into Western Europe than into any Indigenous culture. I believe I only … Read More

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