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Rachel Adams
Rachel Adams

I’m a Southern Girl (U.S.) who never fit in. From around 11, my writing grew from an exploration of the culture both presented and hidden, along with a need to escape. I began adding experience to the mix. Faves are Urban Fantasy and Fantasy with ever-present romance & sometimes erotic undertones. I'm a mom of adults, a friend, a gamer, and a wife on top of that! #loveislove

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Walking the Blade: The Story

The stories of those who walk the fine line between the reality most people know and the supernatural reality on the other side of the blade.

Walking the Blade is a series based in modern times but it calls upon mythical beings who are surviving in disguise within our world. There are Lycan of many varieties, Elementals, Doppelgangers, Demons, Elves, and even Dragons represented.  Creating the cultures of these beings and the Council of Crimson as the lawmaking and prosecuting entity […]

By Rachel Adams Dawn McClellan Posted in From the Author, Ties That Bind on May 19, 2019 0 Comments 5 min read Continue reading
Nightmares or Memories

After being with Cody for a few days, Becca is feeling better physically, but both survivors of a horrible vampire coven are beginning to deal with their pasts haunting them. 

Cody hadn’t had guests in his home and it had been decades since he’d had to play host and even then he’d never been good at it. His mate, Michelle had always entertained. He hoped what he could remember from that time in his life would be enough to get him through this, despite the […]

By Rachel Adams Dawn McClellan Posted in Ties That Bind on May 17, 2019 0 Comments 21 min read Continue reading
Kieran and Twilight

Kieran takes the punishment for keeping a family secret from his mate - will they reconcile to help Devon find his son, Terry? 

“Hmm..” Twilight walked towards her mate and actually walked a circle around him as she looked him over. She breathed his scent in and gave that soft feminine rumble of hers as she moved around him again, “So ya knew this all these years and ya let us think otherwise.” It wasn’t a question, she […]

By Rachel Adams Dawn McClellan Posted in Ties That Bind on May 10, 2019 0 Comments 15 min read Continue reading
Kieran Constant

The Alphas of the two halves of Pack Weylyn are finally faced with each other and the truths about their family and lives need to come out... 

“I’ll check on food and leave ya’ll to it.” Twilight kissed her mate before turning to make herself scarce. She wouldn’t interfere in the discussions of her mate unless it was absolutely necessary. She didn’t see that she had any need to be here for him to talk to his eldest son – a son […]

By Rachel Adams Dawn McClellan Posted in Ties That Bind on May 3, 2019 0 Comments 19 min read Continue reading
Spotlight: World Wide Pedrol This blog and the poetry and the pictures often tickle my muses. If I need a setting, I look through art for guidance, and this blog is rich with ideas from our world. Thank you! ******************************* PedroL is a world citizen. Borned in Lisbon (Portugal), he has been travelling everywhere in the last 30-something […]

By Rachel Adams Posted in Spotlight on May 2, 2019 0 Comments 1 min read Continue reading
Back to the Pack

Having lost the trail of Terry and Isabel's captors in the other world, Devon leaves his son Russ and the dragoness Ariessa to keep a lookout. Meanwhile, he, Senias, Gabriel, and Derek move on to seek help from this side of their pack.

He appeared in a stretch of desert with the wind blowing in a permanent sandstorm. His vision was limited and the scent was gone just as quickly as he’d gotten it. There were no tracks to follow and no direction to turn in. “I can’t see anything in this damned mess! This is the lands […]

By Rachel Adams Dawn McClellan Posted in Ties That Bind on April 27, 2019 0 Comments 39 min read Continue reading
Step One to Taking Down a Coven

Councilors Gabriel & Sebastian work together to bring Evan LaCroix Weylyn to Director Skinner as proof of having a willing witness against Coven Eriksson - the vampire coven that is allegedly using other supernaturals and humans for illegal experimentation. 

(PICTURE: I was trying my hand at character aesthetics. What do you think of Ezekial?) “I want to help. And I will, but I need you to know something.” Evan was being sincere. Sebastian looked the younger man over, “And just what is it that you need to tell us?” “Look, they hunted me down […]

By Rachel Adams Dawn McClellan Posted in Ties That Bind on April 19, 2019 0 Comments 28 min read Continue reading
Your Enemies Are Close

The investigation into the kidnapping begins, but leads not just to the vampire coven. Who else is responsible for this tragedy? 

Down at the main pack village, when Devon caught their eldest’s scent he followed it straight to his own cabin. Finding him with Eva and the still rattled pups, Devon grabbed Evan by his shirt and hauled him outside away from them. “Devon?!” Eva was startled and grabbed hold of Ryker once again. The poor […]

By Rachel Adams Dawn McClellan Posted in Ties That Bind on April 12, 2019 0 Comments 25 min read Continue reading
The Taking

The Eriksson Coven knows Pack Weylyn's connection to the past, now... and it knows the Alpha is trying to ruin it.  What horrible things will they do to try and put Devon and his pack in their place? 

It was a cool day with some rain clouds building to the East. Isabel had talked Eva into letting her help teach the children once a week. Today she had planned through the Alphas to take the children into the woods close to the cabins. She was teaching them about plant growth and how different […]

By Rachel Adams Dawn McClellan Posted in Ties That Bind on April 6, 2019 0 Comments 24 min read Continue reading

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