UPDATE: Spring 2022

How time flies! Am I right? I am hoping that this year will be the most productive I’ve ever had. We’ve moved. I have my own office, now. I have fewer distractions. I have a GOAL LIST and I am capable of handling it. Right now, I’m revising the novel – which I have changed … Read more

An Author Update

Time to get the wrapping done and get things updated and ready for the new year. I have a list. Upgrade the website, begin posting my series on a new platform, finish edits in the novel and prep it for self-publishing, get on schedule with both my blog sites and my Medium posting. I also … Read more

Summer Sizzling

Hello everybody! Thank you so much for hanging in there with me and with mine and Dawn’s posting for our “Walking the Blade” character. Life has been hellacious over the course of 2020 – and 2021 has not been any better. Both of my normal writing partners are very busy professionally and personally. I am … Read more

Untapped Sound

What is Untapped Sound? Well, considering how narrow the field is when it comes to music that winds up on the radio for us to listen to day in and day out, the untapped sound is the music that isn’t on that field. It can be niche music in a genre that just isn’t radio-bound. … Read more

Geek Digital Music

After deciding to open a website dedicated to music and untapped musical talent from all over that hasn’t actually gone mainstream here in the states (in other words, it hasn’t been played on TOP 40 radio consistently and not many people know of them) – Untapped Sound, the hubs got into looking closer at royalty-free … Read more

Thank You & Welcome!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of those who have found my site and decided to follow it and share it. I really appreciate any support you can give to me, any encouragement you may provide, and any asistance you can contribute to both myself and my fellow writers and bloggers … Read more

My Medium

At Medium I publish small musings and viewpoints from real life more often. I wanted to share that with you here.  I hope you can take a moment to visit my Medium and also look into not just what I write, but also look into stories and authors I’ve enjoyed.  Remember, if you like an … Read more

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