An Author Update

Time to get the wrapping done and get things updated and ready for the new year.

I have a list. Upgrade the website, begin posting my series on a new platform, finish edits in the novel and prep it for self-publishing, get on schedule with both my blog sites and my Medium posting. I also want to get back into streaming. I miss doing that – it helps me blow off steam. If you ever want to look me up, I’ll be playing ADULT (18+) video games with pals on PUBSQUIRREL on TWITCH.

It’s a lot to handle because along with that, I need to manage my social media appropriately to keep growing my audience. I’m going to do this. I will make this work. I will update you there and here when things open back up! Especially considering I will be publishing the background/prequel of my novel series on a platform that actually pays me for my hard work. I’ll need so much support – whether it be shares or purchases or subscriptions – word of mouth growth is so special, especially these days.

So don’t forget me!

What I’m watching? Hawkeye is out on Disney+ and I’m here for this guy being surrounded by all these strong, bust-your-ass women that refuse to just take no for an answer. I’m ready for the woman to be heroic or unapologetically villainous.

I’m also looking out for rewatching The Happiest Season. I’ve given Kristen Stewart some shit for some of her most known about roles, but I recently started watching some of her indie stuff and she’s actually a good actress in roles that fit her better. And in my opinion, this is one of them. And you can’t go wrong when you include Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy.

I’m binging the hell out of Cinema Therapy. There are very few reaction creators that I will watch. But these guys are so much fun to watch and they really give you something to think about when they go over a movie. Not to mention, I’m an emotional wreck for some of these and so… #CryWithAlan is a thing for me.

If you want to see some of my non-fiction writing, remember that I have an op/ed blog on Medium that I add to when I have the time. I also have Untapped Sound that I still write for. I’ve just had to pull back from that because of the move and because we are working on opening a whole new blog about everything backyard/outdoor space. I’ll let you know when it’s finally open.

But I am also going to enjoy my holidays. That’s what they are for.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I appreciate you and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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