After The Warehouse

If you want to read the naughty parts of this little outing, it will be up on PATREON! What you are about to read is the aftercare portion of a wonderful BDSM encounter for the main characters.

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy it and come back for more

~ Rach and Dawn

After such a rigorous session, Sebastian released the shackles and helped Sen to the bed set up nearby. Grabbing a washcloth he wiped himself off, then set about washing his lover down too. 

Senias appreciated every touch, every caress, every wipe of the cleaning rags. He watched at first, but said nothing to his love. He just wanted everything to be perfect. The curtains were drawn by one of the men in a feathered mask all around the room. This was a time of privacy. The door closed, letting them know they were completely alone. 

Sebastian stretched out on the bed behind Sen and held him.

“This was different and welcome, I hope.” He whispered. His hand moved back over Sebastian’s arm a bit as it was draped over him. 

“I’ve enjoyed just … living. The work on the lair and the cabin? The nights spent with you. Some surprises now and again…” he sighed. It had been quite nice. He had needed this life. 

Pressing a kiss to Sen’s shoulder, he purred low. “I’ve enjoyed all of this.”  But something told him this wouldn’t last. ~ I’ve decided it’s time to set up a new lair. We came to these lands for new beginnings and so I thought it was time for my coven to have one too. ~

“Really?” Senias turned so that he faced Sebastian. He was happy for his vampire. Excited, even. This was…this was a breakthrough, to be honest. Sebastian had not wanted to set down anything permanent from the day they had met. “Your own safe place? Surrounded by your coven? You know, they probably don’t even know what to do with you.” He chuckled, Sebastian’s markings showing on his body even darker now. “Where have you considered construction? You know you have my claws for easy excavation. We can bring in others from the other world to help us. Or…Or you could build it incorporating the lair we already have! That way there’s always a space for me.” Senias smiled as he wound his arm beneath his head as a pillow and moved the other one along Sebastian’s side.  

“It was my thought to put it with the lair.” Sebastian lifted one leg to wrap it around Sen’s hip to draw his lover closer. “I’m glad you thought that way too. Fingers traced out the markings on Sen’s shoulder and chest – magical markings made from their bond. “For you, I am willing to try and see how it goes. As for my coven if you’ve not noticed they haven’t been too far away anytime we stay longer than a few months somewhere. They tend to settle around hoping I’ll reopen the coven.”

“We’ve been here for years, now. So… they’re around, then? I’d not noticed,” Senias chuckled. Another surprise. He didn’t mind good surprises. He purred for his Chosen and moved his head to rest against Sebastian’s.

“Always around.” The vampire practically purred in his contentment right then.

“What will they think of me?” he asked. “Will we need to find you a trusted mate? They will expect children, will they not?” 

“They will know that you love me.” Sebastian swallowed and shook his head, “A mate.. children.. no I’m not ready for any of that. Let me get the coven situation handled before deciding to tackle anything else. I have you and for now, that is enough for me. It will have to be enough for them too.” Sebastian nuzzled his dragon and nipped at his jaw while grinning.

“Very well,” Sen chuckled and shivered when he got nipped.

There was a tone of sound that moved through the air and touched their ears. 

Senias was up, his senses telling him it was time to go. ~ Dante, you need to leave. ~ Senias warned their demonic partner, before taking Sebastian’s hand. 

~Dressing now!~ Dante assured Senias. He had been enjoying an orgy in another part of the warehouse. He hated to leave, but sometimes you had to do what you had to do.

“The owner is warning those of us he can. He’s apparently heard about a raid. We need to leave. But, at least we had some fun.” He grabbed up their clothing. “Shall I or shall you?” he asked, knowing Sebastian would be every bit as cautious in the travel. They were quite a ways from their actual lair so this wasn’t worrisome. When a person owned and ran a club like this, it would obviously be raided now and again. 

“Easier for me.” Sebastian took only a few moments to adjust his pants and clean up.

Senias pulled his breeches back on and looked over at Sebastian. He was quite happy at that moment. Before they left, he stepped over and kissed the vampire for no other reason than to just do so. 

~ Now let’s be out of here. ~ he smiled against his lover’s lips. 

“Mmm alright.” Sebastian’s arms went around Sen and he shadowed them to several other spots before taking them back to the lair. it was precautionary, just in case someone came there looking specifically for supernaturals – their trail would be difficult to follow, for sure.  


A young dirty blond man pointed to the door and the owner immediately opened it. 

“As I said, I rent out the rooms, I don’t ask questions.” It was how he had always done business and the denial kept him out of trouble with most.  

The well-dressed man moved into the room and motioned for his underlings to make a sweep. 

“Remember, I want samples of all material. You never know what you’ll find.” He turned stern steel eyes to the owner. “You’ve been hosting supernaturals, have you?” 

“Wha…? I’ve… well, if there’s ghosts up in this here warehouse, I’ve not noticed.” He nodded his head and smiled. 

The taller gentleman walked closer and punched the man right in the diaphragm. The belch of air had the owner on the floor. The offensive man in charge readjusted his glove and sighed as if bored. 

“You know damn well what I’m talking about, Chevrel. But that’s fine. Play your game. Just know that Crimson now has you on their map. Unregistered supernaturals are no longer going without investigation. We need to keep the world safe, after all.” 

Once in their lair, Senias let out a bunch of laughter. He moved away from Sebastian but kept the man’s hand as if to dance with him. And then he did, for a few moments, playing at a waltz and then pausing. “What? Can I not be in a good mood?”  

“Of course you can, I’m simply curious what brought it about is all?” He chuckled along with Sen. It was nice just to enjoy such moments with him. “It can’t be my agreeing to reinstate the coven.”

“Yes. Yes, it can. Because it means you are…” He took a moment to think on the words before continuing, “…are finding this place to be of your liking. You are relaxing, finally. We should only go off now when others need us. We can finally claim something to be home – as a place.” He moved back to Sebastian and let his fingers move up into the vampire’s hair. “For a dragon, having a true home? A sanctuary? It means something to us, Sebastian.” He backed up from his vampire and shifted into his dragon form to lie on the golden aurumn floor of the cave. He knew the light of day would soon take Sebastian to his sleep. He wanted to remain here today.  The gold flickered as the lights throughout the place came to life, then adjusted to their owner’s desires. The lights also shimmered reflectively from most of Senias’ dark scales. ~ And craving it? It means perhaps that we are both ready to move on from our conquests. This move has been more than a new beginning. ~ He put his head down right in front of Sebastian.  ~ This is a magnificent feeling to have. ~ He was letting the bed of gold heal all of his aches.  

Perhaps it did mean that exactly, but Sebastian wasn’t willing to toss everything in on it just yet. 

“I’m glad it pleases you so thoroughly, love. We’ll see plans carried out once I wake, but for now, I need to rest.” Finding the bed, the vampire stripped down and climbed beneath the bedding. It wasn’t long before he was asleep and Sen was left to find his own rest.

But it wasn’t exactly a rest. The dragon had good dreams. But they were dreams of having… a family…

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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