A Reason for Continuing

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!

“Well, if we come in from each flank, they’ll have no choice but to flow down the valley and you’ll already have traps and people waiting on them,” Senias explained as he and Inea looked over a large map of the area they were now interested in taking – for the welfare of pack Rourke, who seemed to be in the most trouble. 

“Sounds like a wise plan. I want to minimize the carnage,” Kieran’s proper voice moved from the table to the desk nearby. 

Entering the library, Devon found not only his father but the dragons as well. He nodded towards them as he approached the desk his father was seated at. “You and I need to talk.”

“Well, then talk,” Kieran offered as he motioned for the chairs across from him. Both dragons looked at one another and then at Devon. He wasn’t the one who usually did stuff like this. 

“Alone.” He looked towards each one in the room before looking back at Kieran.

“Good to see you, too,” Senias goaded before looking to Kieran for affirmation. 

“We can continue tonight. My son needs to talk to me. And it must be damned important,” Kieran’s steady gaze was on his eldest. Both of the dragons left the room. “Well?” 

“Mother needs to send word to Pack Simoa and let them know I am no longer going to take their daughter as my mate.”

Kieran couldn’t hold back a chuckle. He could only imagine what kind of reeming he’d get for telling his mate that. She’d been working on this connection to the wiley Simoan pack for years and years. 

“I have found my mate and tomorrow I will go to get her.” Devon was calmed even though his eyes glittered with his excitement.

“You went to a slave market caravan worked by the Regis Pack… and you found your mate there? She of Pack Regis? Because that might not be so bad…”  he could well see the possible trade perks from such a joining, though the elders of their pack did not like slave trade, nor did he, so… that might not go over well. 

“No, she’s not of any Pack that I know of and if she it’s not from this side.” Devon took a deep breath and went on, “She is one of the slaves Regis has with his caravan. Her name is Evalyn, she goes by Eva and I’ve never found a woman as captivating or enthralling as she is.” Devon couldn’t help the easy smile that moved over his lips as he spoke of Eva.

Kieran stared blankly at his son. 

“A slave from the other world?” 

“Yes, but she was not always a slave. She is a healer too and she’s not an elf.” Devon grinned, hoping that added bit helped.

“Mmm…” Kieran nodded at the answer. He stood up, leaned over onto the heavy desk, making it creak. And he looked Devon in the eyes. “No.” 

“Yes.” Devon shrugged, “Or I leave my claim as your heir to Gareth and take Eva to live away from the Pack.”

“For the love of the Goddess, Devon!” Kieran’s arms were in the air, his hands clawed but not shifting to accentuate his words. “Your brother’s cock has more sense than that, and he’s aimed his sights on a dragoness! At least they’re both not only satisfied but the pack gains from the situation! A SLAVE?!?!” 

“It doesn’t matter to me that she is labeled a slave right now, as my mate that will change.” Devon never lost his cool calm ways while his father verged on rupturing vessels. “My mind will not change. I want her and no other as my mate.”

Kieran’s big hand moved over his face and he turned to look out the window. 

“She feel the same way? Or she see your standing and know you’d free her and treat her good, so she’s willing to take yer hand?” he looked over his shoulder at Devon.  

“Yes she feels the same way.” Devon held his father’s hard gaze. “I’d hope that she knows I’ll treat her good, but no she isn’t in it or any of that.”

“How do you know?” the Alpha turned to study his son. He wasn’t thinking clearly. He needed to think clearly. Kieran was torn. He didn’t want his sons to be forced into something and he didn’t want them taken advantage of. He knew how that played out.  

“Because my gut tells me so and so did her eyes. Eva didn’t ask this of me, she was happy enough with our dancing. I told her I wanted her as my mate. She tried to talk me out of it just as you are. I’m not easily dissuaded when my mind is set. Guess she’ll find that out; she seemed convinced I wouldn’t return.” 

There was a knock on the door and Argoth opened it to stick his head in. “Pardon the interrupt, but we’re needed in the western borders, there’s some trouble stirrin’ that the scouts say need our attention Dev.”

The low growl that emanated from Kieran was the sort that didn’t carry far. He just watched the messenger for a moment. 

“I’ll be out in a few minutes get the others ready.” Devon watched the door close again before returning his gaze to his father. “I’m serious about this, but if you want to find out for yourself go see her. Don’t make trouble though, because even if I have to track her to the other world I will.” 

“Your focus should be on protecting the packlands – all of them. Get the elves out. We’re almost to a point where those bastards are no trouble. We need to finish this so your pups can live in peace someday.” Kieran placed his hand on the desk and said nothing more on the subject at-hand. “The dragons have a plan. If you need ta defend Pack Rourke lands and also send some with the dragons to push those elves on off the land, you do it. And then you and your brother come home to ya mama.”

“Yes sir, we’ll handle things and be home before mama misses us.” Ever since the loss of his brothers in the wars, his mother had been paranoid when it came to him and Gareth. He gave a quick bow to his Alpha out of respect before turning to take his leave.

Kieran crossed his arms over his chest and watched Devon’s back as he exited the big room in the palace. 

“Don’t make him be like us, Kieran,” the female voice came from the back of the room. There were secret passages all in this place and one led from his office to the private chambers upstairs. He would recognize the voice anywhere. 

“You mean, like you?” the big Alpha turned to look at his mate. She was absolutely gorgeous. And the pained expression she gave him just caused him more heartache. “Apologies, Helena.” His shoulders drooped a little. 

“I suppose I deserved it,” she walked forward. Her petite hand moved to his arms. “You’re a good man, Kieran… under all that gruff. I know that. That’s why you’ll make the right decision.” 

He placed a hand over hers and looked into her eyes. She smiled for him, but pulled her hand back and turned to walk away.

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