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Best of Friends

Devon Weylyn's secret is now open to someone whom he never wanted to share with - Inea of Gorias had a past with his brother Gareth before coming back to this world.  How will she react to knowing? Can she help her previous best friend at all? 

Up top of his cave the shaggy black form of the wolf sat with his head tipped to the side. When he realized someone was outside his area, the wolf’s hackles stood up and he quickly bounded down to vanish into his cave as he snarled at the unwanted visitor. His bright blue eyes narrowed […]

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What Becomes of Us

After the wildness of losing his control with Ashley, Avery is still training with his Alpha when Devon decides he needs to let the younger lycan know why he and his mother worry about him. After the sharing of a secret, he's able to make sure Azrael and Evan get to see each other and catch up finally. 

It had been a couple of days and Ashley’s whole body ached and just the idea of moving was unappealing. Her shoulder throbbed and when she finally eased away from Azrael and tiptoed to the bathroom. Stripping was a chore but she succeeded and when she looked in the mirror it was to see the […]

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The Afterward of the Night

Starrfire and Raven need to face the reality of the future concerning both Russell Weylyn and this new enigma Evan LaCroix Weylyn.... meanwhile, Sebastian skirts letting anyone know about his secret patient to take her back to Cody - the lycan feeder who has a few things to say of his own this time...

The return back to their place was quiet but it didn’t last. Once they were home Raven turned to look at the one she adored and loved, “Starr, baby what is it?” She kind of had an idea that it had to do with the conversation that she and Eva had caught the end of. […]

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A Little Heart to Heart

With the newest addition to the family around, things didn't exactly get better - they got worse. Time for a little heart-to-heart for everyone.

Seeing the emotional reunion made something in Raven ache and she leaned more on Starr as she watched Russell slip past them to go to stand near his father.  “We’ll come back, we’ll give you time with mamawolf.” Raven smiled at Eva as she gave Starr a warning that she was about to shadow them. […]

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