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If you can't get testimony from the witnesses you have found previously, it's time for a new strategy. Seeking to not only find all 3 of Eva's children for her, but also wanting to put a stop to Coven Eriksson ever using any others as unwilling experiments again - Devon and his odd bunch of friends and family locate someone who might just have a personal stake in this matter...

The stroll at the waterfront was nice and the sound of the water swaying and the boats clicking against the docks was somehow soothing in its own way. The sounds of music filled the air and once again she wondered why she had agreed to this. She looked at her watch as she continued towards […]

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Azrael (Avery LaCroix) is learning how to control his inner wolf after being in the pit fights on the other world.  To that end, he's been putting off being with his future mate, Ashley Matthews (Gabriel's cousin) . However, fate has other plans. 

It had been nearly a month and Ashley had played nice with all of the elders. All had taken their turn staying with them and talking with them. Even Dr. Keene had completed all of her exams and had cleared him. The firm that Ashley worked for had found Avery’s documentation and with a little […]

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Looking For Answers

Zenlial - the Elven Councilor and friend to Devon Weylyn has been asked to help with skimming information on Coven Eriksson from the refugees' minds. For the first time, everyone involved sees how obsessed the Alpha has become over not only finding his mate's lost pups, but for taking down this coven.

“I can only give you the information skimmed from the three lycan’s minds. Using it, would place people in danger. They don’t want to give you testimony, because of that,” Zenlial was on the other side of the big Kennedy table from Devon and Senias. She was holding the back of the closest chair as […]

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Clinic Time

Upon returning Becca to the clinic, Sebastian walks into a chaotic mess, where in his lycan allies, the Weylyns along with Jean-Michel Raudine have brought in yet more refugees from Coven Eriksson - a coven that has been operating on the fringes of legalities for years... will they be able to convince their witnesses to help get a judgement against this horrible coven? 

Samantha placed the last monitor on the fingertip of her patient before tucking her in. She was amazed at the transformation after just a few hours. Sure, the girl was still little more than skin and bones right now, but her face was no longer as drawn. She had a bit of pink to her […]

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