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It's a Wild, Wild World

Sebastian has taken Becca to meet with aand feed from a lycan named Cody who came from the same horrible vampire coven as she has. 

“I am Becca,” she whispered, knowing that’s all she had to do for him to hear her. He seemed wary of the Coven Master. She wondered which coven had found her? Had they claimed her?  She had not thought to ask her benefactor. “Nice to meet ya, Becca. As ya heard I’m Cody, there ain’t […]

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Wayward Waif

Sebastian is faced with finding a missing Weylyn pup - well, a grown woman who is very ill indeed... what can he do to help her? Will he tell anyone what he knows?

After leaving his coven lair Sebastian had decided to visit the good doctor at her clinic and see how she was faring since he hadn’t heard from her since their little double date the night before. He had needed to leave, because they were staying at her apartment at the time. He’d slept the day […]

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Breakfast and a Brawl

Disgruntled lycan, a pissed off dragon Tasker, and unknown supernaturals causing trouble in the neighborhood? Sounds like it's time for some talking and some action. 

Senias had not just showered, he had luxuriated in a nice long, hot bath before getting out and getting dressed. Khakis and a t-shirt, he grabbed his boots and made his way down the stairs with his button up over his arm. It was time for some liquid motivation. He mouthed the words to himself […]

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